Critical Development For Fit Life

Here Are 4 Areas Everyone Should Develop For A Fit Life;

Do you want to get your total life fit? Well here are the 4 Basics Areas of Development that lead to a Totally Fit Life! Develop these primary areas of your life, and watch things begin to change for the better. . .

#1 Spiritual Development

#2 Personal Development

#3 Physical Development

#4 Financial Development

Spiritually Develop Your Life: many people try to live their lives from the outside in, but very few people seek to live their lives from the inside out. Honestly, you’re not just flesh and blood nor are you merely a physical being. In fact, you’re more spiritual than you’ll ever be human. You existed before you were conceived, and you’ll exist long after you die.  Your spirit or energy force cannot be destroyed ever! So to spend an entire lifetime seeking only outward gratification will not lead you to a fit and fulfilling life. Spending time in prayer or reaching out to your higher power can provide you with confidence and purpose in your fit life.

Personally Develop Your Life: Jim Rohn said, “spend more time working on yourself than you do on your Job.” In reality, the more you develop yourself personally, the more value you’ll be able to offer in the world, and naturally the more income you’d be able to earn.

Tons of people work themselves to death trying to get ahead in life, but they go home and fill themselves up with alcohol and senseless television.

Brian Tracy conveys, in his book, The Luck Factor, that if you visited some of the poorest homes in America, the first thing you’d find is the biggest televisions money could buy.

However, if you visited some of the wealthiest homes, the first thing you’d find are the biggest libraries, offices, or study areas money could buy. When you enter a truly wealthy home, you’d have to wander around a bit before seeing an actual television.

What Brain Tracy revealed is that “leaders are readers.” They spend a lot of time learning, growing, and becoming better. In essence, when you develop yourself personally, you automatically attract more success in your life.

Yet, beware, in the early stages of your commitment to personal development, it may appear that you’re not making progress because now you’re spending a ton of money on books, tools, memberships, webinars, seminars, and whatever you’ve got to get to move forward in your life.

On the outside looking in, it may appear that you’re worse off than you were before, but it’s just a simple process to strip away the old, to a blank canvas, and put on the new. Reading 30-60 minutes a day can help you have a fit life. Yet in reality, many 6-7 figure earners read about 8 books a month. You can start with 1, and build your way up, but “you’ve got to be hungry” and willing to do whatever it takes to get your total life fit.

Physically Develop Your Life: here’s one I struggle with, and you may find 1 or 2 that you find difficult also. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that physical development is 1 of the 4 basic areas for a totally fit life. My issue isn’t laziness; it’s time. I just don’t want to spend 2+ hours out of my day, driving included, with the gym while I’m in the prime of building my business.

However, when I can’t get to the gym, there are YouTube videos, the sidewalk near my house, weights inside my house, and online programs I’ve bought. . .I’ve decided, to knock the excuses; if it’s only 15 minutes; ideally more, it’s necessary to develop myself physically for me to have a fit life.

Energy gets locked up in your ligaments and joints. Exercise releases that locked up energy. It also helps with better blood flow to the brain, which can help with new ideas. It releases good endorphin’s which aids in feeling happier. Honestly, all the money in the world cannot replace your health.

You need your health and vitality to be an amazing entrepreneur. If you feel sick and tired all the time, what kind of ideas do you think you’ll produce? Exercise, in some way, every day. Seek medical advice as to what supplements you could take to feel great, so you can do your very best every, single, day.

Financially Develop Your Life: get the skills, to create the value, that can get you paid. Take a good look at your paycheck, then take an even better look at the world around you. Do you think that paycheck can allow you to enjoy the world you live in? Are you earning just enough to pay Mr. Bill and returning to your just over broke existence day after day, month after month, and year after year? Would you like to change that? If so, then you must get the right information for your transformation.

Yet, financial development is much more than earning more money, but it’s keeping the money.  While you’re training to earn more, be sure to spend time learning about how to invest and grow your money until you can live off the interest without ever touching the principle. Yet, outside of growing your money, you’ve got to discover how to build your credit by paying off or disputing old debts and paying your monthly credit on time.

To begin financial development in your life, gain a skill to increase your marketplace value; get a copy of your credit report; learn how to clear up your debts or get some expert advice on the subject; research wealthy investors, and discover how they keep their money.

I also truly believe in a Biblical principled called “tithing;”  I believe “tithing” will keep you financially secure even when the banks fail you. God will always provide for you, especially in the event that something out of your control happens.

Are you currently look for a place to tithe; Click Here; it’s a great place to tithe, because they offer supplies for women coming out of human trafficking situations, and provide benevolent ministry both locally and internationally. Yet, even if you don’t attend church, you can find a worthy cause to sow 10% of your income into. In fact, Puerto Rico is still in need of assistance.

Since Hurrican Maria, people are still struggling to get clean water and electricity. It’s important to learn to give now, regardless of how rich or poor you are—–Tony Robins said, if you will not give a dime out of a dollar, you’ll never give $100,000 out of a million. Find a way to give back, even if it’s in the smallest way because regardless of how bad your situation appears there is always someone worse off than you.

Yes, I know that sounds like a lot of work. Trust me, I know how much work it is; I have not mastered all these areas myself, but I’m truly working on them. Yet, that’s why only 2% of the world hold the vast majority of its wealth. They are the ones willing to do the work.

At first glance, it appears harder to take responsibility for your life. To do the work necessary to have a fit and prosperous life. It appears to be difficult to read, implement, and go out to make your mark in the world. Yet, what is the alternative? Is it harder to be enslaved to society, work for low wages, or let someone else control all the days of your life? Do you like asking someone can you go to the bathroom or waiting till they say it’s okay for you to spend time with your family?

I remember the fear and anxiety I felt when I discovered that I might have to report to a prison for the rest of my life in order to earn enough money just to rent someone else’s house, or to spend the rest of my life paying off my own. I couldn’t imagine working midnight’s, weekends, and holidays forever. I was barely surviving off of my paychecks; how would I survive on a portion of that after retirement?

I didn’t want to put my fate in the hands of a president with a pen either. How long will there be free enterprise on the Internet; I don’t know, but I would sit around and miss the opportunity to generate limitless income that could be invested in other ventures later.

Yet, if you have a job, that’s great because some of the greatest entrepreneurs reported that they worked while building their business, but I encourage you to invest some of your earnings into a better way of life, only if that’s what you desire. I know a young man who started his own business as a teenager from his mother garage. Now, at 20 years old, he has 4 employee’s and clears over 100,000.00 per year after all his business expenses, but he still wants to go to school to become a doctor. Being a doctor is in his heart, but he understands the importance of entrepreneurship and having his own money to invest and grow. One thing is for sure, you never have to worry about being too successful, because there are plenty of people, worldwide, that can use your help. When you build a fit life, you strengthen your ability to provoke positive change in the world around you.

To Your Success. . .
~TDC~ Best Blogger Tips


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