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If you want a dynamic motivational and powerhouse speaker at your next event, book me. My name is Teresa Cole, but many know me as Tdaviscole. I've had to overcome a lot in my life, and I'd like to share my story with you and your audience. I know that what I have to share is powerful and life changing so I chose not to write this in the third person but as a real person.

My Story

I'm a little edgy it's true, and I don't have flawless headshots either, because in all honesty, what you see is what you get. I don’t have a degree in public speaking. Truthfully, many people don't even know me as a public speaker but an Online Business Strategist. However, if you would allow me to introduce myself as a public speaker, I promise to make it worth your time.

Here's a short synopsis of the crazy little path that led me to public speaking. I was born to a mother with a disability, and I never met my father. I grew up in the foster care system, and by the age of 11, I'd lived in over 15 different foster homes.

As a child, I endured severe abuse and by the age of 19, I was a single mother of two. After spending many years feeling sorry for myself and living below the poverty level, I made a conscious decision to turn my life around and be great.

The true power for change came when I began to pray and ask for help from a higher power. One night, at a revival, a visiting evangelist asked me to do an exercise. He told me to look myself in the mirror, and say a bunch of positive things about who I was and what I'd become.

I remember what it felt like to face myself and speak the opposite of every lie that had been told to me my entire life. That night I had a breakthrough that empowered me to act on my previous decision to turn my life around and be great.

Even though I’d had a breakthrough, I wasn’t exempt from heart-wrenching experiences, like divorce, but I had already decided that I wasn’t going to let unfortunate circumstances determine my destiny. After my divorce, I began to pursue entrepreneurship in hopes of defeating the poor single mother statistics? Who said you needed two incomes to earn a decent living, right?

I took it upon myself to believe, that perhaps, I should change the way I earned my money so I could write my own paycheck. Of course, if you’ve been there, you know it all begins with the home meetings, right? I don’t know why, but most aspiring entrepreneurs seem to start with home meetings.

However, to make a long story short, I wasn’t very successful with planning parties, making a lot of money, then spending all of my profits on more products and catalogs.  Yet, I did find a ton of value in the weekly meetings. I had an opportunity to meet a 6-figure earner who had come to motivate us. One of the things he revealed was the power of reading daily. He talked about how reading daily could dramatically change your mindset and help you develop new ideas about life.

The first book I read that dramatically changed my life was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  After reading that book, I was hooked on developing my mind and positive thinking. I started setting goals and taking action. I began to see a lot of positive results in my life. I went back to school and got my G.E.D. I took my education even further and completed a certificate program and I graduated from my local State College.

But something happened. I hit a plateau and no matter how hard I tried I kept coming back to a similar behavior pattern in my life. No matter how successful I would become in an area, I found a way to sabotage it.   It wasn't until I stumbled upon Tony Robins that I discovered how to change my behavior patterns and break those sabotaging behaviors once and for all. I developed some new ideas about myself and learned how to face past lies with present truth. At the revival, I'd been introduced to the concept but Tony Robbins helped me develop strategies to stop those lies from recycling back into my life through old behavior patterns.  I began to control what I thought about and the meaning I attached to things.

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