Conflicted Poverty Theory

The U.S. is full of … hungry and homeless people. Why don’t they focus on their own country?

Because poverty is conflicted.

It boils down to opportunity. Those who have it and those who do not. Most people who live on American soil have a tremendous opportunity to create whatever reality they choose. Even if they have come from a difficult past, they still have a choice to turn their adversity into a better existence.

However, most people living in 3rd world or underdeveloped countries do not have an opportunity. They can be killed for trying to become more than what they were told they can be.

So what becomes more important?

Providing clothes, shoes, and other luxury items to people who with some hard work can pull themselves out of poverty, or providing critical survival items such as clean drinking water to villages who have none.

Poverty is conflicted in that way. It comes down to who needs it more, a person who has an opportunity or one who does not.



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