Is It Really External

You’ve got grit. You’ve got tenacity. You’ve persevered, but it’s still not happening.

You’ve read every book and prayed every prayer, but everything seems the same. You pluck away at your goals day in and day out determined to beat down the wall that stands in your way.

But. . . is it really external? Is there a literal wall standing in your way? Have you run down the hall of freedom only to find a narrow hallway?

Is your reality forever changed by a hope and a dream that seems to move further and further away?

Are you questioning everything you believed that brought you this way?

What are you going to do at this point in the journey? You have traveled such a long way. Did your passage open up a brand new maze?

Years have passed and the endurance has lapsed does everything just go away? The wall is too high, the hall is too narrow, the journey is too far to continue this way.

But is it really external? Or is it all just a fragment of your imagination that is making a clear path seem crowded?

Is it something you believe that is making you see everything in an un-serving way? Close your eyes; sit still, and look inside. The entire journey was within one mile but you believed it would take a while.

Because you believed your journey was long reality bent to your will and made sure to oblige. It set up obstacles and problems to ensure that everything took a while because you are what you believe.

And so a man thinketh so is he.

To Your Success . . .


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