Prison Reform Theory

What if prison was no longer a scary place? What if those who find themselves inside prison gates remove the chains themselves?

There are some people who really need to be in prison. They have been taken over by an evil that can’t be undone because they choose not to undo it. They have decided that being a criminal is their lot in life.

Yet, many prisoners have become victims of the modern-day slave trade as the justice system has become a way to enforce population control.

Statistics reveal that African Americans are 5 times more likely to become incarcerated than whites. Hispanics and African Americans account for most of the prison population.

Prisoner advocates yell, “Prison Reform.”  While other influential figures poor countless dollars into the bottomless pit of systematic oppression.

The cry for prison reform has been heard from the outside of the prison walls. Yet, it is inside of the prison walls where the movement must begin.

What if prison wasn’t such a scary place?

What if the prisoners removed their own chains of oppression and reformed themselves? What if they modified their own behavior? What if they decided that whether they are justly or unjustly incarcerated to reform the impact that prison has on them?

What if they developed teams and pressed forward with dreams? What if they spent their nights reading instead of engaging in fights?

What if they choose to reverse engineer the systematic plan to keep them down? What if leaders rose up and started a movement to change themselves then change others?

One must wonder, can prison really cage a prisoner, or is the prisoner choosing to be caged?




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