Reinforce Learning

At some point, 90% of the world stops learning. They simply stick to what they know. They’ve adjusted into their beliefs, patterns, and behaviors because it’s comfortable.

They dare not venture off into new ideas. It’s just too hard.

Many people will defend their way of thinking rather than opening their mind to the ideas of others to gain a more diverse perspective.

They will even remain at the same job and receive the same pay for 20 years simply because it’s what they know. Applying themselves to learn a new skill is just too hard.

Yet, learning isn’t hard it just has to be reinforced. When you are introduced to an idea, it’s going to seem like a foreign language at first.

However, don’t force learning, but rather engage with it. Expose yourself to the thing you’re trying to learn over and over again until it begins to speak your language.

In fact, if you know and understand everything that is presented to you, that might be a sign of a stagnated learning curve.

If you haven’t had any epiphanies today then you should expose yourself to some new information. Reinforce the new ideas that resonate with you and use them to grow your life. Use them to expand your thinking and cultivate your perspective.

Les Brown said, “your best thinking has landed you where you are today.” Is there is any desire in you to elevate your current experience? If so, reinforce learning.

Therefore, you can develop some new philosophies about life that can take you to new heights.

To Your Success . . .


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