Suffering Greatness

Suffering isn’t something to be praised. It should be avoided at all cost. Our genetic makeup stems from the hunter-gather age where instincts keep us from danger.

The snap of a twig could be a lion lurking in the woods. The sway of a tree could be a bear looking for something to eat.

Yet, “I make friends with pain” and see it as an energetic pull towards positive gain.

When suffering is at its greatest, men and women rise up to meet it. It is during times of suffering that the greatest movements of change were born.

It is these movements of change that have so shaped this great nation:

“The Anti-Tax  Movement of 1965 to establish fair taxation.

The American Revolution of  1775, where the mission of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness began.

The Abolition Of Slavery Movement that began in the 1830’s to abolish slavery and led to the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

The women’s rights movement of 1848 to establish equality of rights between the sexes.

The Labor Movement of the 1930’s for fair workplace practices and protection.

The Civil Right’s Movement that began in 1955 to fight for equal rights for African Americans and to end segregation.

The Anti-War Movement of 1965 to end the Vietnam War and bring back social consciousness.

The Environmental Movement of the 1950’s to preserve our natural resources and the sanctity of our planet”  (BLY The Gillespie).

During these movements, people were suffering a lot. Yet, they choose to create “suffering greatness” as they turned their pain into gain.

However, a national movement isn’t necessary for you to leverage your suffering for greatness. You can turn whatever pain you are experiencing in life into a personal movement.

That’s right, one of the things that can’t be taken from you is how you choose to deal with adversity.

You can’t control the pain that people or circumstances attempt to afflict upon you, but you can control how you respond to it. You can make a decision to do ten great things for every one thing wrong in your life.

Eventually, you’ll become no fun to pick on anymore. It’s like heaping hot coals in the face of suffering. When you keep pushing out the opposite of what the suffering intends, it will look for someone else to bully.

Because suffering is a choice. You can choose to suffer or you can choose to become great. It’s all up to you!


To Your Success . . .


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