Fit Life Core Commitments

The [Core Commitments] To A Fit Performance In your Life:

The curtains are drawn; the show has begun; WAKE-UP; your life is playing!

Are you tired of dreaming but never achieving? Are you sick of procrastination running your life and keeping you stuck in a web of despair?  Are you exhausted and overwhelmed with un-rewarded efforts of change?

Are you lacking the progress you want to see in your life and feel as if something is holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Les Brown said, “your best thinking has gotten you exactly where you are today,” meaning if you want a new life, you’ve got to get some new ideas about how to get what you want.

Here Are 4 Core Commitments To Help You Develop New Ideas For The Peak Performance You Want Out Of Your Life . . .

#1 Pray Daily: there’s something about humbling yourself before a power much greater than yours — for guidance and strength to walk out your purpose in life. Take a look around you. The sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the rivers, the birds, and the sand you walk on has nothing to do with your power. The air you breathe and the blood that runs through your veins are all because of something, much, greater than you.

Submit to the power of Almighty God, and ask for help as you’re traveling through life towards eternity. When you pray daily, you’ll find that your days are more targeted and focused. You’re no longer wandering through life without aim or purpose.

You’ll have an assurance and a confidence that will cause those who are living in their own strength to envy you.  Rick Warren believes that “there’s something about living a Purpose Driven Life.” Praying daily will help you get on track and stay on purpose.

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#2 Read Daily: “where has your best thinking gotten you?” It’s important that you spend time reading new material each day. In all reality,  you need to get some new ideas about life.

However, I still recommend that you spend time actually reading words written by brilliant thinkers. If you can start out at 10 mins a day then increase to about 30 minutes a day,  you will see some dramatic changes in your life. Right now, I’m reading The Motivation Manifesto; it’s freaking amazing! One of the best reads ever.

You will be encouraged and inspired to take action, and get moving in your life toward greatness! Reading daily can help you get rid of  “stinking thinking,” so you can have a more productive life.

#3 Train Daily: what is your area of specialty? Are you a great speaker, an amazing writer, an awesome teacher, ext? Regardless of what you’re good at, you’ve been blessed with a gift. Imagine your gift as a seed that needs water and sunlight to grow. In essence, you’ve got to develop your gift. Each day you must train to remain on the cutting edge of your field.

Imagine what it takes to be a great athlete. . . the endurance, the mindset, the skill necessary to be a great athlete doesn’t just happen. It’s developed behind the scenes at the gym, in the kitchen, during those study hours. . .However, you don’t have to be an athlete to train like one; if you want to be great you’ve got to sharpen your skills and be the best at what you do.

Spend 30-60 minutes each day learning from others who are more successful at what you do than you. Listen to niche related podcast, watch training videos, go to seminars to get better at your skill. Yes, you should invest in your success. You can join membership coaching sites, subscribe to related clubs, and get your ticket to the next live training. As entrepreneurs, we’re expected to be self-motivated. No one should be twisting your arm to get you to invest in yourself. You will not get paid for the time you spend wishing for better, but rather for the value you can provide in the marketplace. If you want to provide the kind of value that people will exchange monetary resources for, then you’ve then grabbed the right tools.

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#4 Work Daily: take action towards your goals every day. If you want to have a fit performance in your life, then it’s important to do the work. You’ll need to take the things that you’ve discovered in prayer, through reading, and from training to implement them into your life process so that you can get manifested results. If all you do is absorb information without implementation, then you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and stuffed with too much information.

Say it with me: “I’ve Got To Take Action In Order To See Results In My Life!”

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So remember, P.R.T.W: pray, read, train, and work every day! Those are the core commitments that can help you have a fit performance each day of your life.

To Your Success. . .
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