The Danger Of The Comfortable Place

The Danger Of The Comfortable Place

Comfort is fueled by safety. It’s when you choose to play life safe and refuse to reach for anything better or more meaningful out of life that miss the meaning.

A meaningful life doesn’t equate to stupidity. Stupidity is leaning to the starving artist extreme. You have no plan of action behind a dream. You have no life maintenance system in place while you pursue a dream.

Any time someone builds a house without counting up the cost, it’s unwise. A person who wants a meaningful life and desires to bring a dream into reality should consider a plan of action.

For instance, if you’re an aspiring model, your plan of action should include developing a clarity plan, an exercise and diet regimen, mental conditioning, the study of like models, development of a professional portfolio, pursuing an agent, booking go-sees, sending out your portfolio to agents, building an online following, placing yourself in an environment for success.

Simply saying I want to be a model is not enough.

Being inconsistent in the pursuit of becoming a model will not work. It has to become an all-consuming passion in which you do the work each day to become.

Accepting failure as a part of the process is a big component of a meaningful life in which dreams manifest…

At first, you may be told no 200 times before you get a yes, can you handle that?

It’s surprising to me that the average number of failures a person needs before they give up is 3.  The number of years that an average person will put into something before they consider their idea a failure is 3. Yet, the most effective way to get a dream accomplished isn’t giving up it’s changing your approach. It’s like the cubic zirconia,  you have to twist and turn your ideas until they line up to the results that you want.

If you believe in your dream, you will work towards it every single day oftentimes while you balance how you’ll pay your way to stay in the game of what you anticipate will take place.

Too many people lose their balance in the duality of comfort fueled by safety; they do the bare minimum to reserve their bed, television, and hole in the earth to snuggle, and stupidity; they launch into starving artist mode with no plan on how to actually accomplish their goal.

The way I’ve found to balance it all is to know what I want, to set goals to get what I want, to do the work everyday come hell or high water, to believe in my mission whether  I’m standing two-footed with it alone, and to do what it takes to stay in the game while it’s being played.

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