The Focus Factor

What do you want to accomplish today?

If it’s really important to you then it has to become the center of your activity.

Being cognitive of your focus can really help you achieve your daily goals.

If you truly visualize yourself going somewhere in life, you simply cannot waste a day. Days lead to weeks; weeks lead to months, and months lead to years of your life.

What you sow today is exactly what you’ll reap five years from now.

Focus! Imagine your goal as a pot of gold at the top of a hill. What can you do with that pot of gold? Pretend that a group of wayward wanders saw you hiking towards the hill but tried to change your direction.

They have no goals; they don’t care one way or the other if they end up anywhere good. They can’t understand why you need to go the other way.

The wayward wanders offer you booze, dancing, and other things to help you cope with where you are because they feel that your focus is unnecessary.

Their logic is, “why suffer through change when you can just stay with them?” In fact, they are traveling in a different direction. They are going to a place called la, la, land. They offer you to come along because it will be lots of fun.

What choice are you going to make?

Whether you realize it or not, each day that you don’t have a clear plan of progress, you’re choosing the wayward wanders and the trip to la, la, land.

Focus takes a conscious effort, and it’s often times a lonely road. You will take on many critics who don’t understand your methods, reasoning, or grit.

However, you know why you’re on this path, so FOCUS!


To Your Success . . .


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