The Stranger Within

Think back to the last time you met someone for the very first time. What was that like? Sometimes meeting a new person can be awkward and strange.

It takes a while for you to become acquainted with each other. You have to discover different things about this new person.

Often times you learn the smaller things first. You may go out to lunch and find out what their hobbies are.

The more time that you spend with your new associate, the more comfortable you become around them. Eventually, you will graduate from the little things into the deeper things.

You may discover where they are from, learn a little about their background, and understand some of their behavior patterns.

Sometimes, when you make major life decisions, the stranger within becomes you. When you choose to develop some new philosophies about life and cultivate new beliefs, it’s easy to become a stranger to yourself.

The most difficult thing about change is moving beyond your comfort zone. It’s reaching past those familiar behaviors and leveraging new ones. You no longer respond the way you use too. You don’t see life in the same way anymore.

So many people fail at change because they become afraid of the unknown. It becomes increasingly difficult to venture further out in the deep. Many wave their white flags of retreat and head back to that comfortable place.

But if you dare to keep going, get ready to face the stranger within. You no longer know yourself, and you have to get to know the person you’ve become.

You have to think and act in alignment with the goals that you’ve set for yourself. What would “that” person wear; where would they go, and how would they act? How does the new person spend their time?

This change process is just flat out weird.

It would explain why only 2% of the world dare to make that change. Yes, you should know what you want, and you should know why you want it. However, be prepared to meet the stranger within as you go and get it.


To Your Success . . .


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