Think Bigger

You’ve just provided fresh drinking water to an entire village. It’s because of your generosity that tons of children can take showers and drink clean uncontaminated water. A young girl runs up and hugs you because she loves the new water wells. A little boy brings you a picture he drew saying thank you.

How do you feel? I bet you’re not thinking about a new pair of shoes or a new vehicle at this moment. You’re probably grateful that you got your total life fit which enabled you to help someone else.

You’re thinking bigger.

If you can back paddle in time, you’d probably find yourself sitting there with a dream. At this point, you have no idea how you are going to accomplish it. You put some hard work into it, but your dream hasn’t yet manifested.

And you think, “I want to bring fresh drinking water to villages in underdeveloped countries.” At this point, you can barely pay your own bills.

It just so happens that eventually, your hard work pays off. You become able to pay your bills, buy some luxuries, and make a difference in the world all at the same time.

The moral of the story is to go beyond what you personally want from your dream. Where ever you are in the process, see yourself exceeding your personal expectations and doing something that will change a nation.

Make that your goal.

The reality is, dreams are too big for one person. If you only focus on what you need, you’ll only attract enough resources to fulfill your basic requirements.

If you set your eyes on a bigger goal that supersedes your needs and take small steps each day to get there, your efforts will surpass your personal necessities. In essence, you’ll naturally attract your needs and wants since your focus is beyond that reference point.

And you will change a lot of lives in the process. A narrow and self-centered vision is hard to reach, but you can THINK BIG and achieve so much more!


To Your Success. . .


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