Transform Learning

There are two different types of learners, a passive learner or an active learner.

You can learn passively while lying in bed.

Or you can actively learn by taking notes and turning those notes into gold.

Many people are passive learners. They are ever learning but never applying what they’ve learned to their lives. They can’t tell you the main concepts of the last book they read. They can’t remember the major impact that the last podcast, webinar, or seminar that they engaged in had on them.

Active learners are rare. They take notes and they zone in on the gold. They apply primary concepts learned to their lives and obtain that gold.

If you want to transform learning and become an active learner follow the D.E. T. R. Method.

Discover something new: You should be engaged in active learning every single day. Read, listen to podcasts, join a virtual library, or go to events.

Execute Learning: Put key concepts from learning into action. Go and do the things you’ve learned and measure your results.

Train Other: You don’t really understand a concept until you can have a conversation about it. Talk about what you’ve learned in your own way. Be sure that you can clearly articulate your new knowledge in a way that other people can understand.

Repeat D.E.T.R: Learning is a never-ending cycle. Never believe you’re smart, believe that you have a lot to learn. Continue to discover, execute, train, and repeat.


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