Problem. Too much time is spent on the problem. Problems bring worry, depression, and anxiety. Day and night wondering, “what would I do?” Always trying to escape the problem.

It chases away sleep, it steals dreams, and it builds walls against relief. If only, I could escape this problem that I face.

UNPLUG FROM THE PROBLEM. Snatch the cord away from this scarcity thinking. The idea that your creator didn’t anticipate the snake is insanity.

If there is a fire, the earth is abundant in water. Go get the hose! Why stand and scream fire? Why shake in the wake of heat that can be subdued with water?

Solution. Set your eyes on the solution. No problem exists without one. Sit quietly with yourself and search within. What do you need to do?

Focus on that. Rise up in the face of your problem and perform the solution. Do not pick at the issue like a pimple on your face that will only get bigger with agitation.

UNPLUG FROM THE PROBLEM.  Give it no air for bigger despair. Lean on the solution which is always there. Focus on that. Simply focus on that.



To Your Success . . .


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